Chat with scientists at the Embassy

Last week them Embassy of Spain in Copenhagen together with our association, took the initiative to organize the first gathering of Spanish researchers at the embassy. The main goal was to promote the exchange of experiences in Denmark among Spanish researchers working in this country.

More than 30 people attended the event, including a repertoire of professionals from academia, industry and entrepreneurship. The event opened with a welcome from the ambassador and our chairwoman. Several of these professionals were invited to share their track record and experience in Denmark. Afterward the audience asked all questions they wished and opened a debate.

The speakers, included in the list below, represents the Spanish talent working in Danish institutions. Most of them admitted that they came to Denmark due to the difficult situation of the Spanish R&D. The ambassador valued the task and perseverance of Spanish researchers abroad. He also hoped that the situation of the Spanish R&D system could be reverted after a period of crisis that forced Spain to prioritize its spending in other areas vitally important for our economy such as pensions. The association took this opportunity to propose several reforms that could help fund more research in Spain, taking the Danish R&D as a model system.

Our association is happy to see that institutions are gradually establishing a regular dialogue, such as the one organized at the embassy. It is the first step in order to put forward new reforms and work together with the administration to improve science and tackle global challenges we will have to face.

The association thanks the embassy, all participants and speakers for taking part in this fantastic event, which will set the ground for future contacts.

• Guillermo Montoya, PhD – Research director at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research

• Professor Andres Contreras, PhD – Group leader at University of Copenhagen

• Professor Rosa Lopez Marqués, PhD – Group leader at University of Copenhagen

• Andrés Faiña, PhD – Assistant professor at ITU and Foundar of the start-up company Flow Robotics

• Daniel Gomez Carballo, PhD – Postdoctoral researcher at the Danish Cancer Society

• Pedro Jesús García Moreno, PhD – Researcher at National Institute for Food (DTU Food)

• Eva Ortega Paino, PhD – Coordinator of Swedish Biobank service

• Darío Vázquez Albacete, PhD – Coordinator of de Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites

• Cristina Saiz, MSc – Process engineer at Biogen

• Jose Antonio Cuesta Seijo, PhD – Researcher at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory

• Martin Santocildes, PhD

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