Breaking down borders in research III – Science in the Parliament

Once again the Society of Spanish researchers in Denmark organizes its annual meeting 2nd of March. This time it will be held at the University of Aalborg (AAU). The special issue of this year is Science in the Parliament, an initiative supported by the government to improve evidence-based legislation. Travel grants available. More info and registration here: Continue reading “Breaking down borders in research III – Science in the Parliament”

Interview with a CED member – Science behind fire retardants

mayra melian rodriguezMayra Melián Rodriguez is a member of the highly qualified professionals that make up the Society of Spanish researchers in Denmark. Original from the Canary Islands, she arrived to Denmark back in 2013. She came from Madrid where she graduated as a Master in Energy and Fuels at the Autonomous University of Madrid. This master allowed her to work on highly-efficient catalyzers for energy conversion at CSIC and IBERCAT. In Denmark she completed a PhD at DTU and continued as a postdoctoral researcher in the same university, where she developed highly efficient catalyzers for conversion of hydrogen. Recently she continued with her science career as the head of R&D in a small Danish company called Burnblock, which develops fire retardants products and solutions for several applications. But what are these kind of materials that can prevent fire from propagating? Mayra explains to us her story in this short article Continue reading “Interview with a CED member – Science behind fire retardants”

Bridging European Science II – Save the date

After the great success of the event Bridging European Science in 2016 (BES) we are excited to invite to the symposium BESII organised jointly between the Societies of Spanish Researches in Germany, Sweden and Denmark with the aim to offer a pan-European perspective of science. The Symposium will take place on June 2nd (9:00-18:00) at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin. SAVE THE DATE Continue reading “Bridging European Science II – Save the date”

2do Breaking Borders in Research – Carreras alternativas en ciencia

El pasado Sábado 17 de Marzo de 2018 tuvo lugar la segunda edición del evento “Breaking down borders in research” en Copenhague. El evento tuvo un foco importante en las carreras alternativas en ciencia porque queremos proporcionar a nuestros miembros y estudiantes que quieran ser miembros un consejo útil para establecerse en Dinamarca. Las carreras alternativas en ciencia están infravaloradas y a menudo son desconocidas por la gente con formación científica. Pero ciertamente, los científicos e investigadores pueden contribuir enormemente con sus habilidades en muchas áreas

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2nd Breaking Down Borders in Research – Alternative careers in science

Last Saturday 17th of March 2018, took place the second edition of the event “Breaking down borders in research” in Copenhagen. The event had a strong focus on alternative careers in science because we want to provide our members and students who want to become members with useful advice to settle down in Denmark. Alternative careers in science are underestimated and often unknown by people with a scientific background. But certainly, scientists and researchers can greatly contribute with their skills in many areas.

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